Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"

Written by Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, co-starring Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter and Anthony Stewart Head, featuring Mark Metcalf, David Boreanaz, Christopher Wiehl and Geoff Meed, also with Paul-Felix Montez, Robert Mont and Andrew J. Ferchland.

This episode begins with an eerie prophecy about a certain “Anointed One” coming to join the Brethren of Aurelius, the Order of which is led by the Master. “NKaBotFD” touches a teeny bit on the subject of sects, but is mainly about triangles. Owen Thurman and Buffy plan to go on a date. Cordelia is jealous of Buffy, and Xander is jealous of Owen, as is Angel, or so it seems.

Owen, however, seems oblivious to Cordelia, while Buffy doesn’t notice Xander. On the other hand, we get the impression that Buffy knows Angel is jealous and feels uncomfortable.

But most importantly, Buffy realizes that being a Slayer implies having to make certain sacrifices. As Giles says, “When I said you can slay vampires and have a social life, I didn’t mean at the same time!” At first, Buffy ignores him, reassuring him that all will be okay, she is perfectly capable of handling the situation, but when she believes Owen to have been killed, it dawns on her that having a relationship together would endanger him.

This is the first time that Buffy seems to mature by the end of the episode, when she lets Giles know that she doesn’t want Owen to be in danger.

Finally, though the Slayer and her Watcher think they have stopped the unfolding of the prophecy, they are wrong; the Master has a new ally and is stronger than ever. If this will help him with his diabolical plans remains to be seen.

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Next time: "The Pack".

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