Monday, December 7, 2009

Change of plans

There has been a slight change of plans. I am expected to lend the first season of “Buffy” to my aunt at Christmas! So I should really get started. I thought it would have been nice to officially start this blog on the first day of the new year, but now I have no choice but to begin next weekend. I will be updating every day for the Christmas holidays, and then I will go back to writing about two episodes a week.

You should all know that to correctly understand “Buffy”, you have to get under her, and all the other characters’ skin. That is my humble opinion, and I will do my best to do so as I give full details about the passion that I wish to share with you, and whoever finds the time to read the following.

Feel free to add your comments, whether they are good or bad. If they are bad, that’s okay; everyone is allowed their opinion and I will not take it personally. In fact, I would enjoy reading what you have to say and will gladly take any suggestions you have to make it a better adventure for both you and I. If they are good, well, that would make me a very happy fourteen-year-old indeed.

All the while you read, bear in mind that this is only my take, and there may be some things we agree to disagree on.

I can't wait to start! See you Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Buffmag,

    It's great that you are this passionate about Buffy. I really am looking forward to watching this series, to better understand what has gotten you so captivated. I'm sure it must be exceptionnal, because I know you have great taste!

    But I really would hate to rush your analysis of the Buffy episodes. So it really is no problem if you want to wait a while yet before lending me the DVDs.

    your aunt :-)

    BTW, you write delightfully, and as always, it is a pleasure to read you. I look forward to reading more. Good luck with your blog!